MEET OUR physical therapist

dr. michelle millner

Dr. Millner has a passion for helping people move well so they can live well. In the summer of 2000, Michelle sustained horseback riding injury that left her with headaches and neck pain. This single event thrust Michelle into the medical and rehabilitative worlds. It was a painful, frustrating and often confusing experience. From her own recovery, Michelle learned the importance of good high quality medical care, consistency and being educated about her health.


Since that time, Michelle went to physical therapy school and dedicated her career to helping people not only recover but also thrive. Dr. Millner graduated from Rutgers University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Over the course of her career, Dr. Millner has worked in a multitude of areas of PT, but decided to become specialized in orthopedic physical therapy by obtaining her orthopedic clinical specialist certification (OCS after her name). She is also a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. After suffering another frustrating injury that lead to surgery, she discovered the Pilates Reformer. When used correctly, Pilates-based rehab can dramatically improve the mind-body connection, strength, and carry over into functional movement like lifting and bending. She fell in love with Pilates-based rehabilitation strategies she learned through Stott Pilates and often incorporates them into her treatments.