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You can book a session online right here or you can call us 973.664.7017

Our practitioners can not diagnose, prescribe or act as a substitute for a medical treatment.  Our main focus is holistic health, preventative care and corrective exercise instead of rehabilitation.
We are an appointment only booking and do not accept walk-ins. We highly encourage booking 24 hours in advance as our members have on-going appointments months in advance.
The Source is leading the industry in private and customized wellness services. We offer full privacy for our members in private service rooms.  Utilizing our proprietary 36 point assessment, we uncover an individual’s unique Flex IQ™.  We provide further customization of wellness by offering a trifecta including assisted stretching, Pilates Reformer and Contrast Therapy.  
After the session, be prepared to feel invigorated, loose, taller and relaxed! Stretching should never hurt or leave you uncomfortable the next day.  Your provider will work with you to find the perfect resistance to create maximum benefit and leave you feeling your absolute best! 
Tips are always appreciated by any service provider.
All appointments must be cancelled or modified with at least 24 hours of notice in order to avoid a late fee. Modifying an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time will result in a late fee that is charged to the credit card on file automatically. The fee is $40. If an appointment is no-showed, the same late fees detailed above apply. This process is strictly enforced. We value and respect your time.  We hope you do ours as well. 
We accept all forms of payment and HSA/FSA card. 
Please wear comfortable clothes, preferably pants.  Golf pants and leggings are a regular at the SOURCE.  As well as grippy socks.  If you don’t have grippy socks or forget – don’t worry – you can grab a pair in the Source Retail Store. 
Your practitioner will put you through a series of movements to determine your unique Flex IQ™ scoring report.  You will go over medical history and discuss your limitations and goals.  Time will be allocated to stretching key areas needing immediate attention.  We will finish off with a recommendation of programming designed for your personal needs. 
Yes, our practitioners are pilates certified by accredited organizations as well as stretch therapy certified in the method of Pliability Stretch™
Following two cycles of payments, members can cancel their membership or make changes anytime, with a 31-day notice, by contacting the Source at A representative from the Member Services and Customer Service Team will respond to the email to present the options and engage the process. Once decided, the team will send an email to solidify the change. Please note that memberships cannot be modified over the phone or in-person, they must go through the email address listed above. Please note that 31 days of notice are required for any membership modification. For clarity, this means that from the moment the email request is received, there will be one more monthly payment due before the change is implemented. Membership modifications cannot be scheduled out further than 31 days ahead of time. For example, a membership cancellation cannot be scheduled multiple months ahead of time. The 31-day notice of a membership modification can only be applied in real time. This process is strictly enforced without exception.

Yes! We are well known for our wellness partes and corporate events.  Please contact us to book the perfect wellness experience for your sports team, office, friends and family. 

Yes! Please check out our Source Platinum, Gold, or Silver Memberships.  These are the perfect plans for our long-term members.

Yes! Our referral partners receive rewards points towards discounted merchandise, retail and services. 

You can expect to hear from us within 1- 2 business days depending on the weekday or weekend. 

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