MEET OUR founder


mara kimowitz

Mara Kimowitz is an expert in helping people stay flexible so they can continue participating in the activities that make them happy for a lifetime. Mara works with a range of clients who all share a strong desire to remain pain free, unlock tension, achieve high performance and establish longevity. She is the founder of StretchSource ® System of Assisted Stretching and the StretchSource ® Certification Course; continuing education for fitness and wellness professionals as well as the owner of the StretchSource Studio.
Thousands of people have benefited from the StretchSource® System both at the studio, from home and at work.


Our expert coaches undertake extensive certification in the StretchSource® System of Assisted Stretching. With extensive fitness and wellness backgrounds, including degrees and certifications in exercise science, massage, personal training, dance and yoga, our stretch coaches are leaders in the industry.

Daniel S.

Daniel is a seasoned ACSM EP-C Personal Trainer with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise from William Paterson and is an Exercise Physiology Award Recipient. His hunger for knowledge and efficiency drive him to always give his clients what is needed.  In his free time Daniel enjoys cooking delicious meals and pondering life’s big questions, such as “does it work?”

Javier V.

Javier is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and someone on his own journey in fitness and nutrition.  With 16 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience, he understands the importance of intentional movement and flexibility.  He can’t wait to help you with your flexibility journey as well.

Ellen F.

Ellen is a sought out yoga instructor in Morris County with a loyal following.  She is passionate about helping others improve their fitness and wellness safely and effectively.
Ellen considers StretchSource® her home away from home and looks forward to stretching with you.