Unveiling the Transformative Power of Pliability Stretch: A Path to Effortless Living with StretchSource

On December 11, #NationalStretchDay served as a beacon for understanding the myriad benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching. StretchSource takes center stage in enlightening individuals about the transformative impact of incorporating assisted stretching into daily routines, making life’s activities more seamless and enjoyable. Regular assisted stretch sessions promise not only immediate relief but also a lifetime of effortless, pain-free movement.
StretchSource members are experiencing the substantial advantages of stretching through hands-on, 25 or 55-minute assisted-stretching programs. Led by certified Pliability Stretch Specialists, these sessions utilize cutting-edge techniques to optimize performance. Clients benefit from:

  • Comprehensive Movement and Muscle Health screening
  • Targeted active and passive stretches
  • Engaging full range of motion exercises
  • Therapeutic breathing techniques
  • Utilization of advanced recovery tools

Mara Kimowitz, owner of StretchSource, emphasizes the diverse clientele, stating, “Our clients range from avid golfers and tennis players to enthusiasts of paddleboarding, skiing, and bowling. In their 50s, 60s, and 70s, they remain active, understanding the importance of weekly stretching to sustain the pliability needed for pain-free and unrestricted activity.”
StretchSource Specialist Ellen Fahy highlights, “Pliability Stretch goes beyond flexibility; it encompasses mobility, stability, and proactivity. Whether you’re a novice or a competitive athlete, stretching is the key to enhancing mobility and agility.”
Pliability Stretch is a pivotal component among StretchSource’s comprehensive health, wellness, and recovery services, which include cold plunge, infrared sauna, and private Pilates reformer sessions.
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About StretchSource®

StretchSource is your ultimate wellness destination, offering a triad of health programming – Assisted Stretching, Contrast Therapy, and Pilates. With a mission to empower individuals to control their wellness journey and achieve healthy aging, StretchSource caters to people aged 13 to 90 and beyond. The company takes pride in serving individuals of all abilities, including those managing serious neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, and cerebral palsy.